Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Beginning

So ever wonder what its like for a Gold Farmer?

After a couple month break, I've decided its time to re-enter the farming market. (Loosing my job may of had some influence too...)

With the booming market of Cataclysm it could never be a better chance to start again.
Alot has changed since Wrath of the Lich King and it seems I have a fair bit of left overs in my Guild Vault that never sold....

Its time to start fresh and anew out with my Adders Tongue and Saronite Ore and in with Cinderbloom and Obsidian Ore. - I've started farming in Mount Hyjal averaging around 7 - 10k each night from the stacks and ores I've obtained. Occasionally mixing it up by farming the Scions of Al'kir in Uldum for Volatile Air which yield near the same profit.

Current Gold: 43k
Bots: 1 - Thaurissan


  1. If only real-life farming was this simple and lucrative.

    I follow and support those who do likewise.

  2. Following!

  3. Jesus man, way to stick in there
    Your friend

  4. Haha, gold farming can pull in a good bit of cash so you should be okay at least for a bit.

    keep it up

  5. I tried playing WOW, I couldn't get into it.

    I like your blog, I'll be following.

  6. Supported and Followed
    Keep the circle goin!

  7. I never really got into WoW. How much gold do you usually get before it gets profitable/worth it to get rid of it?

  8. Keep us updated with your farming techniques. I'd like to see something about how much gold your starting with and end with at the end of a week. I have some strategies that may be useful on my website.

  9. I used to farm gold for rent. Had to spend a portion of it to ensure I was drunk so that I wouldn't go batshit insane. Went full retard anyway. D: